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The Wall Street Journal - 13 Jan 2017

In the WSJ 'My Week' series, Helen tells us that physics shows up everywhere in daily life, even at breakfast - A Week in the Life of Physicist Helen Czerski (£).

Waterstones blog - 3 Nov 2016

About "Storm in a Teacup", Helen says, "In the course of writing this book, I realized that I had never consciously connected my northern roots with my path in science. But the connecting threads are there, and the whole process has made me reflect on how growing up in the north-west of England influenced my attitudes towards science and technology." Read Matchstick Scientist - Helen's Mancunian Heritage.

Blog for EUMETSAT - 25 Oct 2016

The blue below: why monitoring the oceans from space is so important

Penguin 'Find-your-next-read'

Helen recommends her Five Books that opened the door to physics.