Helen Czerski

Physicist  |  Oceanographer  |  Broadcaster

Helen Czerski



I’m a physicist with a love for the natural world, and I care deeply about exploring the ideas and challenges in the physical world around us. Even the most familiar daily objects can open the door to the way the universe ticks, and I think that everyone should feel comfortable in playing with that world. My twin passions in physics are the under-appreciated ingenuity of the everyday world and the physical engine of Earth: our atmosphere and oceans. My own research focusses on the physics of the ocean surface, especially the bubbles formed by breaking waves. I’ve lived and worked all over the place, but my academic home is now the fantastic Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London.



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Helen’s enthusiasm for science can often be seen on screen, in a wide range of documentaries exploring the many way in which physics touches our lives.

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The beauty of language offers a wonderful way of sharing the perspectives that science offers. Helen loves words and the doors that they open, and writes regularly about physics. Her first book was published in 2016.