Helen awarded medal and prize by Institute of Physics

Lord Kelvin medal 2.jpg

The Institute of Physics (IoP) announced their 2018 medal winners, and awarded Helen the William Thomson, Lord Kelvin medal and prize:

"Dr Helen Czerski (UCL Mechanical Engineering) has been awarded the William Thomson, Lord Kelvin Medal and Prize for her contributions to championing the physics of everyday life to a worldwide audience of millions through TV programmes, a popular science book, newspaper columns and public talks.

Dr Czerski is foremost a physicist and oceanographer but is also a BBC presenter and author. She studies how bubbles formed by breaking waves contribute to the mechanisms at the ocean surface and connects this understanding of bubble physics with the influence that bubbles have on our planet.

Through her programmes and books, Dr Czerski shares her enthusiasm for science, passionately conveying the beauty and ingenuity of our physical world and the perspective on the world that science provides."

The Mechanical Engineering Department at University College London (UCL) is Helen's academic home, and UCL celebrated the award with their own announcement.  Helen is one of three UCL academics recognised with prestigious physics prizes.

Helen Czerski